Categories: Past Adoptions
bubbles is a dog.

Bubbles (Adopted) – is a 3 month old pit bull.  She was found on the side of the road and brought to the veterinarian where she was tested positive for Parvo.  We took her in and got her the treatment she so desperately needed.  She made the most wonderful recovery and was back to her puppy self in no time! She has started her potty training which she is doing great but is not completely house broke yet.  She has also begun her crate training and is not a fan but settles in after a bit.  She LOVES to play with other dogs.  She has not learned that her puppy teeth can hurt and are not to be used on hands, but she is one smart cookie and it won’t take long I’m sure. She has started her vaccination series but will require more.  Her adopter will be required to sign a spay contract since she is currently too young to be spayed.