Foster Application

We are delighted that you are interested in fostering for us, and are grateful for your offer of help.  We view our relationship with our fosters as partnerships, and we will work with you to make it succeed.  Our goal is to place dogs and cats in foster homes where they will fit with the foster’s lifestyle.  Sometimes we need emergency fosters we can call on with short notice for a few days to weeks.  Other times we need longer-term foster homes.  Fosters homes should be willing to medicate, train and/or socialize animals before they are adopted to permanent homes.

Do you rent or own your house, or other? *
What kind of animals are you wanting to foster? *
What age(s) are you comfortable fostering? *
Do you want to foster short term (no longer than a week) or long term (weeks to months) or other? *

Some rescue animals can be more challenging than others.  While some are owner surrenders, or have clearly lived as loved and socialized pets in the past, others are untrained or traumatized by carelessness, ignorance, or cruelty.  We often rely on our fosters not only to provide a safe haven for our pets, but also to give them training and socialization as part of the family.  (Some examples: pregnant or nursing females with puppies/kittens; scared or unsocialized dogs or cats; pets that are not yet spayed/neutered; bottle-fed kittens/puppies; dogs that may mark in the house or aren't yet house trained; dogs that are aggressive towards cat/small animals or other dogs; sick or injured animals that may required medical care.)

Thank you for applying to become a foster! Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. If approved fosters are required to pass a home inspection,  and sign a liability waiver.  By signing below you agree to these terms.