We’ve been adopted!

Some of our adoption stories to hopefully bring a smile and add some joy to your day.
  • Cornfield is Now Charlie an adopted dog

Cornfield is Now Charlie

As you all can see, Charlie has been adopted into a wonderful family! We are all so happy to see him being loved and loving them with all his heart!

  • Odyn now copper, a dog

Odyn is now Copper

Odyn, now known as Copper, was abandoned at a Hermiston rental property as a puppy.  Taken in by Fuzz Ball he was neutered and vaccinated then went to the PetSmart National Adoption Event and found a wonderful [...]

  • Butterscotch is now Daisy, a sweet cat.

Butterscotch is now Daisy

Butterscotch, now named Daisy, was found hanging around a school in Hermiston for a few days.  She is a love bug and loves people!  It was not surprising that she was the first one adopted [...]

  • kimi is an adopted dog


Hey everyone meet Kimi!! ADOPTED!!!Kimi is a 1-2 year old Terrier mix. She loves to play fetch and would love nothing more than to sit in your lap all day. She will follow you everywhere [...]

  • Sadie an adopted dog


After spotting a cute brown dog slinking around his property, a dog-lover took the time to help her.  It took three days and many chicken strips to coax her close enough to catch, and she [...]

  • kate a dog


After getting adopted, Kate's new mommy started her in service dog training.  She is now a registered US Service Dog!

  • lucy and jade are dogs

Lucy & Jade

ADOPTED**Lucy & Jude -- Lucy & Jude are 3 month old Chihuahua's. Lucy loves cuddles and just discovering the world. Jude is a very playful, fearless little boy. He loves to play! Both are working [...]

  • charlie is a dog


Charlie ​- (Adopted! ) Charlie is very friendly and just wants love. He is not super active. He loves to go on walks, and to snuggle. He is great with all ages of kids, and dogs. He [...]

  • shadow is a dog


Shadow -(Adopted!) Shadow is VERY smart. He knows how to fetch and brings the ball back. He is potty trained and crate trained. He is great with Kids, Cats, and other dogs.​

  • bella is a dog


Bella - (Adopted!) Bella is a 2-3 year old Fox Terrier.  She was in our rescue previously and adopted however they ended up returning her because young children moved in to their home and Bella had [...]

  • Lucy is a dog


Lucy (Adopted!) is a 4 year old female terrier mix.  She loves to be in your lap and sleep right next to you.  She is crate trained and house broke with a doggie door.  She does [...]


Ruger (Adopted!)- 10 month old Pit bull.  He is on the small size for a pit bull at only about 45lbs.  Very friendly loving boy. He absolutely loves to cuddle and be right next to [...]

  • max is a puppy


Max (Adopted!) - Max is a 1 year old Chihuahua.  He survived parvo and is now looking for a forever family that will take care of him the rest of his life.  He is good with [...]

  • Jack is a kitten


Jack (adopted!)- 14 week old male kitten.  Jack is a boy. Jack was found outside in the freezing weather with his sister.  After being treated for some health issues he is now healthy and very [...]

  • midnight is a kitten


Midnight (Adopted!) (black kitten) -  Found outside with his seven other brothers and sisters.   He was cold and hungry.  He was taken into foster care and brought back to health and is doing great! His foster mom [...]

  • sweetie pie is a dog

Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie (Adopted!) is a senior Shih Tzu.  She only has one eye and is mostly blind and deaf.  She needs a very special person that will spend their days with her.  She likes to be [...]

  • jack is a dog


Jack (Adopted!) - 4 month old male terrier mix.  At such a young age Jack has been through a lot.  At 3 months old he was posted on Facebook looking for a new home.  He had [...]

  • Molly is a puppy

Molly & Abby

Molly & Abby (Adopted) - Brought into rescue at 8 weeks old these two pit bull sisters were timid and hadn't had much socialization.  After going into foster care they blossomed wonderfully! Their foster mom put a [...]


Frost (Adopted) - is a 3 1/2 month old kitten that was found outside in the freezing weather with her brother when they were only 6-8 weeks old.  She had ringworm and a bad upper respiratory infection. [...]

  • henry is a dog


Henry (Adopted) - is a 2 year old poodle.  He was taken from a bad situation.  He lived in a cage and didn't get much exposure to other aspects of life.  He is a sweet boy [...]

  • Raksha & Babies Mowgli, Bagheera, & Baloo is a cat family

Raksha & Babies Mowgli, Bagheera, & Baloo

Raksha & Babies Mowgli, Bagheera, & Baloo (Adopted) - Mommy and babies were living outside and mommy kept having litter after litter.  As the weather started to get cold Fuzzball was contacted to help this family [...]

  • Majik is a kitten


Majik (Adopted) - and his mommy were abandoned at a local church.  Majik was taken home by a family that wanted to help him out but unfortunately circumstance changed and they weren't able to keep him.  He [...]


Yodi (Adopted) - is a 6 year old spayed female Chihuahua.  She is a sweetheart and very well behaved!  She does bark at strangers but minds very well.  She is an easy keeper that loves to cuddle.  [...]

  • ace is a dog


Ace (Adopted) - is about 4 months old. He was found alone on the side of the road. He is a very entertaining puppy. He loves playing with other dogs. He loves crashing on the [...]


Oliver (Adopted) - is a very small little boy who was found in the street.  He is a lover! Whenever his foster family is hanging out on the couch he is right next to them wanting to [...]

  • bella is a dog


Bella (Adopted) - She was found in the streets of Hermiston.  She was believed to be hit by a car and brought to us for medical care.  She is healing nicely but nobody has come forward [...]


Pip (Adopted) - Pip & her brother were found in a shed and were very, very sick.  Her brother was able to be transferred to a specialty cat rescue group in Portland.  Once her brother left Pip [...]

  • blue the dog

Orange and Blue

Orange and Blue (Adopted) - were abandoned with the rest of their siblings and mom and dad in one of our volunteer's back yard. ​ORANGE is a happy playful puppy although not overly hyper! He [...]

  • spock is a dog


Spock (Adopted) - I think it might be obvious where Spock got his name...from his handsome giant ears!  Spock is about a young male Chihuahua mix.  He may be shy at first but warms right up [...]

  • sampson is a kitten


Sampson (Adopted) - was found in a feral cat colony, suffering from an upper respiratory infection.  His rescuer thought this little guy would be feral too, turns out he is a sweetheart just looking for friends!  He [...]

  • cupid is a kitten


Cupid (Adopted) - is about 12 weeks old.  He was found in someone's yard.  They contacted Fuzzball Rescue to help because the poor little guys was clearly sick.  Seen immediately by our doctors he had an upper [...]

  • diesel is a dog


Diesel (Adopted) - is a 2 year old neutered male Pit Bull.  He is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.  Diesel loves kids! He gets along great with other dogs! Diesel is not a fan of [...]

  • jazzy is a dog


Jazzy (Adopted) - is a 6 year old spayed female Doberman/Chihuahua mix.  She was surrendered by her owner because they were headed off to college and did not feel they could give her the time and attention [...]

  • Suzie is a dog


Suzie (Adopted) - is a young female cocker spaniel mix, possibly with poodle.  She is a small girl, weighing only 12lbs.  She is the sweetest little girl in the world.  Her foster mom says she is such [...]

  • Tink is a kitten


Tink (Adopted) -  She is about 3 months old.  She was brought to the veterinarian to be euthanized because someone found her and she had a pretty bad injury to her right hind leg.  But because she [...]

  • cookie is a kitten


Cookie (Adopted) - Look at this cutie! We have named this little girl Cookie.  She is the sweetest, friendliest baby ever!  Everyone just falls in love with her the moment they see her! She loves cuddles [...]

  • Abby is a dog


Abby (Adopted) - is a 10 month old pit bull.  She LOVES kids and does get along with other dogs.  She likes to chase cats but has not wanted to hurt any of them!  She has been [...]

  • del is a kitten


Del (Adopted) - was found in a hay pile when he was only a few weeks old.  He was seen by a veterinarian and had a few medical conditions that are easily treatable.  Once Del is healthy [...]

  • patty is a dog


Patty (Adopted) - This beautiful girl came to our rescue as a stray who was found on the highway who had recently had pups.  She is loving and sweet, she loves to help garden and spend [...]

  • bensel is a dog


Bensel (Adopted) - is a 5 month old neutered male Labrador Retriever mix.  He is a bit shy at first but warms up quickly with a little trust and respect.  He is a young active pup [...]

  • bubbles is a dog.


Bubbles (Adopted) - is a 3 month old pit bull.  She was found on the side of the road and brought to the veterinarian where she was tested positive for Parvo.  We took her in and [...]

  • Elsie is a dog


Elsie (Adopted) - is a 7 year old spayed female Labrador Retriever.  Her owner decided to surrender her to our rescue because he did not have time for her.  She loves spending time outdoors and needs to [...]

  • artemis is a dog


Artemis (Adopted) - is a 9 month old neutered male Labrador Retriever mix.  He is a bundle of energy that loves to play with kids and other dogs.  He loves going for walks.  He is house broke [...]

  • molly is a puppy


Molly (Adopted) - This absolutely adorable 7 month old pup is looking for a home that has kids to throw a ball for her. She loves to run and play and needs an energetic family or perhaps [...]

  • tinkerbell is a dog


Tinkerbelle (Adopted) - is almost 2 year old Chihuahua mix. She is a bit shy and timid, but really starting to show her amazing personality. She loves to play with other small dogs and some cats. She walks well [...]

  • Sophie is a dog.


Sophie (Adopted) - came into rescue after being found living in a park. She is approximately 2 years old she is very sweet and loves to be with people all the time, she is funny and [...]


Pepper (adopted) -  I'm a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix and I am approx. 9 weeks old. I am sweet, cuddly andfunny. I am also working on potty training.I am spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. 

  • Libby a puppy


Libby (adopted)  -  I’m a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, and I am approx. 9 1/2 weeks. I am super cute and cuddly. I am working on my puppy manners, but am a work in progress [...]


Lula (adopted) -  I’m a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix and I am approx. 9 1/2 weeks old. I am super cute and cuddly. I am learning puppy manners, but am a work in progress, as [...]

  • Sage is a dog


Sage (Adopted) - I’m a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix and I am a sweet cuddly puppy looking for my forever home. I am working on my potty training.I am spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. [...]

  • Lexi a puppy


Lexi (Adopted) - I’m a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix, and I am approx. 9 1/2 weeks old and am super cuddly and sweet. I am working on all the puppy manners, but am still a work [...]

  • meno a dog


Meno (living the rest and best of his days with his foster mom) was found wandering the streets and walking in front of cars because he is mostly blind. Sadly his family has not come looking for [...]

  • lola a dog


Lola (Adopted) - is a 2-3 year old Chihuahua mix. Even though she is young, Lola is very low energy. She loves to sleep in your lap all day!! Lola is potty trained. She doesn’t like to [...]

  • olive oyl a one eyed dog

Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl (Adopted)  This sweet girl came into rescue when a kind lady found her inside of a box with a terrible eye injury. She received surgery right away, but her eye could not be saved. [...]

  • freckles the dog


Freckles (Adopted) Freckles is an adorable sweet puppy who is ready to find his forever home. He is a typical energetic puppy who is still in a chewing phase as he is only approx. 14 weeks [...]