Categories: Past Adoptions
Sophie is a dog.

Sophie (Adopted) – came into rescue after being found living in a park. She is approximately 2 years old she is very sweet and loves to be with people all the time, she is funny and outgoing. she does well with other dogs and cats however will chase some cats but will not hurt them but she may do better in a home without cats. She loves to play with other dogs but can become possessive of her humans when the other dogs are around so you must be firm with her to show her that her behavior towards that is not acceptable. She does like to play roughly sometimes and she does need trained to teach her that this is not how we play. She walks well on a leash and does okay on car rides. She is currently working on potty training and is doing well but you must be consistent with her, just like with any young dog. She is still working on crate training and does okay but will tend to bark for a while until she settles down. She still chews on things at times like a puppy so should be crated when not at home or left in a gated room with something to keep her busy like a Kong filled with peanut butter or bone. This also helps show her what is acceptable for her to chew on.